South Asia MVP Open Day 2015

Royal Orchid Resorts, Bangalore, INDIA


We arrived at Royal Orchid Resorts, Yelahanka, Bangalore

So the most awaited event for me started with our arrival to the resort. Thanks to Microsoft for making the travel arrangements, so that we folks reached to the destination resort from Microsoft India Pvt. Ltd. within an hour of journey. At Signature Building, I have a great meet up with some MVP folks who drives various Microsoft technologies with great passion. Upon arriving to resort, I meet rest of MVPs, taking participation into the program.

This was the session schedule which Biplab Paul, our MVP lead has planned. Thus accordingly, the session gone as per decided.


The day one, 22 January 2015 started with the Dr. Nitin Paranjape's session. He took our mind in the flow of Office365/Office Online features. He emphasized on the features that Microsoft implement per edition of Office suite and with the reality of the fact - do we use these features?

Dr. Paranjape's fantastic approach to clarify the common misconceptions with Office features, won our heart and I as a student, learned following things from his lecture:

Next, the session is taken by Sumit Arora, Director, Microsoft IGTSC. He told us amazing things which influenced our passion about Microsoft technologies.

In an another great session taken by Mayami Suzuki, we got fueled up with amazing thoughts. Meanwhile we guys were enjoying chit-chat sessions with fellow MVPs attending the event. It helped us to meet many MVPs and in this way, which was the aim of program and it looks to be achieved. Event was completely intended to facilitate openness among MVPs. We had a great lunch and awesome food stuff at breaks -- too yummy!

Now its the turn to know how the MVP program structure acts as whole. Right from the MVP Program director to the leads, Alen Li told us various facts that helped us to understand MVP program much better. Alen is great man of thoughts, I had a nice discussion with him about various topics related to MVP award program. He clarified my confusions, kudos to him.


This was the most entertaining section we had, at this event. We were instructed to have cultural dress up, as the theme of party was Indian Village. During this, we were able to locate whole of India at one place. We have MVPs from almost all states of India representing the state -- this was the greatest feeling we can't ever forgot!

So the day one is over with this amazing dinner party. Now, we have to get up early in the morning for next day's Yoga session!


2nd day, i.e. 23 January 2015 start with health concerning facts. A primary session of Yoga was taught to us by fellow MVP. What I liked most was the perfection with which he taught us the basics of Yoga and Pranayam, which is essential to know for healthy living. After an hour of Yoga class, we have to get ready for another amazing day ahead.

As the day proceeded, we got some mind-gaming sessions. We were divided into 5 groups and each group has to participate into 3 rounds. Out of these 3 rounds, the team with highest points was declared as the winner.

First round was to point out how we can make make Microsoft technologies more enhanced. Each group has an expert from Microsoft technology, who forwarded his/her views and highlighted the issues currently users facing with the products associated in the corresponding expertise. We had a great discussion in this session and we found many new plus unique ideas from our experts panel.

Second round was most joyful moment of this whole event. In this section, we have to act as a part of machine without uttering any word. Another team has to identify the machine name. Have a look at human machine of our group:

Last round was the act of group leader to speak about couple of minutes to throw lights on future aspects of Microsoft technologies. All of these round helped us to exercise our brain firmly.

Then after this, we have multiple sessions about Windows 10, gaming, best coding practices etc. to make us aware about the up-comings. We all MVPs are extremely thankful to Microsoft team's to make this event as much as fruitful we expected.

Thank you folks!

Hence, second day ended with the fun and provided great learning experience to everyone.

Departure with memories

The event was so jam-packed that we couldn't realize the time. Finally, the time to say BYE to everyone's arrived. Each of us received the goodies as memory of this nice event.

Now we all have reached our home and involved in the our expertise again, to spread happiness to Microsoft customers. Looking forward for future events. Thanks for reading in!